Thursday, November 26, 1970

Study: 'Sesame Street' Excellent Method of Indoctrination

It is a well-known fact that I've never been a fan of the television box. It is, at best, an unwelcome intrusion of dangerous cathode rays into our homes, and at worst a propaganda device designed to placate the masses with televisual entertainment.

Now, it seems, it is also a tool for indoctrinating our children with numerism and maths. And, according to a recent study, a very effective one.

The new puppet-based program known as "Sesame Street" is the worst offender. Part of a public-private partnership/conspiracy between the government, the Public Broadcasting System, the Children's Television Workshop, and the numbers, this info-tainment venture is designed to mold young minds reading, mathing, right-answer-knowing automatons with its deviously-designed educationalist propaganda.

And studies show that it is working - innocent youth as young as three and five are being introduced to numeric concepts such as "amounts" and "counting" through this televisual puppet-based programming.


Fortunately, there is a bright side to all this. A puppet-based educational television program is sure to be a ratings-loser. And furthermore - children's television is inherently unsustainable due to the simple fact that children grow up.

Ha! Guess the big-time brainiacs over at P.B.S. didn't think of that one! Over time, the viewers of "Sesame Street" will grow up, stop watching, and the show's ratings will plummet. My prediction - "Sesame Street" will be cancelled by 1972. Mark my words!