Monday, October 19, 1987

Shit on a Fucking Pancake.

I'm not having a good day

Friday, October 16, 1987

Stock Market, Here I Come!

After a long talk with my accountant today, I've come to realize that perhaps my long-standing fear of the stock market is hurting my long-term financial prospects.

Yes, fellow Math Skeptics - we all know that the stock exchange is just a veritable Sodom and Gomorrah of numbers, all gathered together and engaging in a disgusting, hideous orgy of calculation. Until today, I would never have even dreamed of subjecting my buried boxes of cash to such fiduciary hedonism.

But my accountant made some good points. Historically, he said, the market outperforms any other form of investment. Plus, you can diversify your portfolio, putting your life savings into many different companies in promising industries. I'm talking safe bets here, like Pan Am Airlines, or Commodore Business Machines, or Drexel Burnham - people are always going to need air travel, computers, and financial services, right?

So I did it. I got a broker, dug up those tin boxes, and put it all in the market. Every last penny.

Don't worry, I'm still just as skeptical as always. Once a Math Skeptic, always a Math Skeptic. But sometimes, even a Skeptic has to take care of his financial future.

Saturday, June 20, 1987

A Tragesty of Justice has Occurred!

As you may have heard, the Supreme Court has just handed down a land-mark ruling that may spell the death-knell for academic freedom in our nation's biological science classrooms. In the case of Edwards v. Aguillard, the Court ruled in favor of Edwards. Or Aguillard. I don't remember which.

Whichever one was the evolutionist. That's the guy who won.

With this ruling, Louisiana's "Balanced Treatment for Creation-Science and Evolution-Science in Public School Instruction Act" is null and void, as the so-called law violated the so-called Establishment Clause of the so-called Constitution. And with the unfortunate precedent this sets, all other laws mandating academic freedom are guilty by association.

The ruling isn't all that surprising, of course. The decks were clearly stacked against the poor pro-freedom creationists from the beginning, as the anti-freedom forces of Big Darwin rallied their troops with all manner of amicus briefs and what-have-you. I can only hope that Edwards and/or Aguillard (whichever guy lost) will serve his jail term with dignity.

While this is certainly a setback for us academic freedomists, I don't think it's the end of the road. I'm sure there's some way for the creation scientists - all very intelligent people - to design some sort of curriculum that won't trip that silly "establishment clause."