Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Numero-Governmental Conspiracy in San Jose

I often talk about the deeply-knit relationship between the numbers and the government in achieving their shared goal of keeping us down and taking away our freedoms. But rarely is this conspiracy reported in the lame-stream media.

Today is a rare exception. A shocking article in the San Jose Mercury News exposes the shocking corruption of the numerist cabal as they ally with law enforcement under the guise of "crime prevention."

This effort is being spearheaded by numero-academicalist George Mohler, assistant professor at Santa Clara University, who uses statistical analysis to conduct predictive policing - using numbers to tell police where and when crimes will happen. This use of numbers as psychic detectives raises all manner of ethical and constitutional issues, and shows just how pervasive the numerist influence is at even the local government level.

Of course, I have my suspicions that this will eventually backfire. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that numbers can't be trusted.. I would not be surprised one whit if the numbers were also conspiring with the criminals, throwing the police off with red herrings while telling the burglars just where to burgle.

At least, that's what I hope is happening. It could be that the numbers are trying to infiltrate local governments in a grassroots campaign to eventually take us over, municipality by municipality.

Sounds farfetched? Maybe. But if the next mayor of San Jose is a 47, don't complain to me that you weren't warned.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Astronomers monitoring a pair of meteor surveillance cameras have discovered a new meteor shower they have dubbed the February Eta Draconids. According to the astronomers, the meteors "are likely the dust trail of an earth-threatening long-period comet that remains to be discovered."

It's a very interesting find, because-- wait - what did they say? Did they say EARTH-THREATENING??

I just re-read my first paragraph. It did say earth-threatening. We're DOOMED!

Apparently, this extinction level Earth targeter, dubbed Comet Lyytinen, has a highly-tilted 53-year orbit that crosses Earth's from time to time. Which means that there is a possibility of a collision. Since this meteor shower occurs on February fourth, it means that the collision will happen on February fourth.

Forget Comet Elenin - it's Comet Lyytinen that's gonna KILL US ALL!

Of course, the worldwide astronomical cabal is working overtime to try and pacify the public, calmly telling us "Don't Panic" from inside their reinforced titanium telescope bunkers.

Dr. Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer and expert on all the ways the universe can kill us, is one of the leading impact-alarmism denialisers. "Remember, there are dozens of meteor showers every year," he says in a recent blog post while safe in his concrete survival dome on a Colorado mountaintop, "so really we cross paths with lots of comets. But comet impacts are exceptionally rare! Put it this way: how many people do you know who have been killed by comets hitting the Earth?"

Okay, Dr. Plat, I'll see your logic and raise you one. How many people do you DON'T know because they WERE killed by comets hitting the Earth? I'm willing to bet that there were plenty of alarmism-denialists among the dinosaurs, too, right before they were extinctified 65.5 million and/or 5,000 years ago.

I rest my case. You can have your calm, reasoned assessment of astronomical odds. I much prefer panic.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Who's Laughing Now, Scienticians?

Last week, as you may recall, the scienticians and evolutionists and atheists and other assorted members of the anti-anti-science cabal were all a-gloating over the decision by the Texas Board of Education to ban academic freedom from the Lone Star state's science classes.

And gloat they did, proverbially patting themselves on their proverbial backs in celebration of the board's proverbial trouncing of science supplements that dared question the scientifico-governmentile conspiracy pushing the "Allele Change Consensus" into the innocent minds of Texan youths.

Today, however, I am happy to see that cosmic retribution is in order:

Tropical Storm Don is headed for the Texas coast, packing 45 mile-an-hour winds, 2 foot storm surges, and is preparing to drop up to 7 inches of rain on the wayward state, an obvious punishment for their educationary transgression.

Now I know what you're thinking. "I thought hurricanes were caused by homosexualism and/or Comet Elenin, not evolutionism, The Math Skeptic." To which I reply that you thought wrong.

However, I can understand your confusion. There are a lot of human and celestial causes of natural disaster activity here on Earth, and it can be very confusing trying to keep up with them all. Thusly, I have put together the following handy reference table to assist your understanding of the factors causing death and destruction:

DisasterHuman CauseCelestial Influence
Hurricane Homosexualism Comet Kouhoutek
Tropical storm Evolutionism Vesta
Tornado Germ Theoryism Comet Hyakutake
Earthquake Non-Christianism Comet Elenin
Tsunami Hedonism Sedna
Volcano Hubris Comet Halley
Financial collapse Deregulationism Pluto-Charon barycenter
Flood General disobedience 3753 Cruithne

This should clear up any confusion you may have had. If you are engaging in any of the above transgressions, I shall hold you personally responsible for any disaster that befalls you.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Just when you thought you'd heard enough about the 12th Century Italian patent clerk-turned-founder of modern mathematics Leonardo Fibonacci and his magical integers, along comes a new propaganda video to catapult the scientifico-numerist agenda into your living room, using the trebuchet of Internet video.

Nature by Numbers is a visually-beautiful offering to our numeral overlords, attempting to appease them by displaying the intrinsic geometries and sequences in nautilus shells and dragonfly wings and sunflower seeds. As if this Ode to Integerism will somehow appease them.

And we all know how well appeasement works out.

So go ahead! Watch this piece of blatant numerist indoctrination if you want. All the other "skeptics" are doing it. But don't come crying to me when the magical Fibonacci numbers turn on you anyway, attacking you and leaving you for dead just to entertain their cold digital hearts.

Just like Hitler.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

National Science Board Caves In To The Answerist Lobby

Bad news to report today, Math Skeptics.

After last year's successful campaign to convince the National Science Board to remove the blatant answerist bigotry of poll questions on evolution and the Big Bang from the 2010 edition of Science and Engineering Indicators, we in the academic freedom community were feeling quite victorious. No longer would this valuable data resource be tainted by the answerist stain it had carried since 1985, when the publication first started treating public opinion on unproven hypotheses like evolution and the Big Bang as indicators of scientific literacy.

Our victory, I'm sorry to say, was short-lived. An all-out lobbying campaign by the scientifico-mathematical hegemony has succeeded in overturning the National Science Board's 2010 decision.

This is unadulterated answerism. Pure and simple. It is discrimination against those with differing factual viewpoints. People with alternate understandings of any controversial topic - from cosmic origins to speciation to multiplication - are being treated as second-class citizens at academic institutions from grade school to grad school.

However, there is a silver lining to this answerist cumulonimbus cloud, in that the NSB will be fudging the data a bit. According to the National Center for Science Indoctrination:
the 2012 Indicators will compare "knowledge indices measured with and without the evolution and big bang questions," and the survey for the 2014 Indicators will test versions of the questions prefaced with "According to evolutionary theory" and "According to astronomers."
So I suppose we can celebrate a partial victory.

But I'm still outraged. And so are you.

Monday, July 25, 2011

NASA Celebrates 35 Years Of Covering Up "The Face On Mars"

I remember it as if it were only yesterday. It was July 31, 1976, and I was trying to think of a topic to write about for my B.L.O.G. node on DARPA-Net. Then some shocking news came over the wires from the boys at Jet Propulsion Laboratories. A top-secret photo from the Viking 1 Orbiter was leaked to the press by NASA's Viking News Center in Pasadena.

The result was nothing short of shocking.

It was a face. On Mars. Soon to be known as The Face On Mars.

This top-secret photo was proof positive that Manthourian drone scouts from Tau Ceti b had not only visited our solar system, but left concrete evidence of their presence, building a monument in their likeness on the surface of the Red Planet. It was an obvious retaliation for our attack on their secret lunar base during the faked non-landing of Apollo 13.

And NASA has spent the past third of a century covering it up. Even going so far as to send a robotic rover to slowly grind down the giant monument with its titanium wheels.

As you can see from the photos here, released by NASA in 2001 as part of their disinformation campaign, the little rover has almost completely erased all traces of Manthourian intelligence from the Martian surface. A decade later, it is doubtful that even the slightest trace of the Face on Mars remains.

It's a shame. I can only hope that, one day years from now, NASA will finally tell us the truth about Mars. For now, you'll just have to learn it from The Math Skeptic.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Large Hadroners Play Peek-a-Boo With Higgs Boson

Physicists at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva have not found the alleged Higgs Boson that they've been looking for with their giant black-hole machine for the past several years. But they have found where it isn't:
Kyle Cranmer, a physicist at New York University and one of 3000 researchers working the ATLAS detector, reported that the ATLAS team had shown that the Higgs does not exist in the mass range from 155 to 190 giga-electron volts (GeV), roughly 165 to 203 times the mass of a proton. It also doesn't exist in the mass range 295 to 450 GeV, he said at the meeting. Andrey Korytov, a physicist at the University Florida, Gainesville, and one of 3600 researchers working with the CMS collaboration, reported similar results: CMS rules out the Higgs in the mass ranges 149 to 206 GeV and 300 to 440 GeV.
The scientists are fond of calling the mysterious boson "elusive," but what these particlists refuse to admit, of course, is what we Math Skeptics know instinctively: the Higgs is being hidden by time-traveling numbers from the future to make CERN use higher and higher energy levels to power their collisions until they accidentally spaghettify us all.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Computers Are Taking Over Our Minds!!!

I have been saying since the beginning that this "Internet" thing was going to cause the downfall of human civilization as we delegated more and more of our mind-function to the cloud. And now it seems that science has confirmed the rightitude of my prediction!

The studyists found that subjects who believe they'll be able to rely on computers to retrieve bits of trivial information retain this information less accurately than subjects who know they have to rely on their own wetware due to the inherent fallibility of technology:
...trivia questions were turned into statements. Participants read the statements and were tested for their recall of them when they believed the statements had been saved—meaning accessible to them later as is the case with the Internet—or erased. Participants did not learn the information as well when they believed the information would be accessible, and performed worse on the memory test than participants who believed the information was erased.
The implications of this study are frightening beyond all boundaries of terrifiability, to say the least.

While the Internet has admittedly proven useful in storing our value-added cat photography and organizing it for easy retrieval, it has been very un-useful in keeping our minds sharp in preparation for the coming computerpocalypse.

In fact, one with a conspiracy-minded sort of mind might be led to think that all these Internet conveniences and distractions are just a ploy by sentient routers and helper apps to soften up our brains and make us easier to - OMG look at the wittle puppy sleeping in his wittle basket!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Freedom Dealt a Texas-Sized Blow in Texas

The in-aptly named Texas Freedom Network is rejoicing over the news that the Texas education commissioner failed to include any anti-science materials on a list of science materials recommended for adoption by the Board of Education. Despite a valiant effort by New Mexico-based International Databases to have their pro-freedom/anti-evolution materials included as supplemental science materials in the Texas curriculum, the scientifico-numeric cabal amassed all their cronies and co-conspirators and waged an all-out war on the tiny publisher, handing the poor databasers a tragic defeat.

In a self-congratulatory bit of bloggery, the Texas "Freedom" Networkiacs made no effort to hide their anti-freedom agenda:
Of course, science is determined by research and evidence, not "freedom of choice." "Intelligent design"/creationism isn't supported by a shred of scientific evidence. So it's very good news that the review teams and education commissioner have rejected International Databases' materials.
Oh yeah? Well science may not be a democracy, but democracy IS a democracy! And in a democracy, the majority rules! It doesn't matter one whit that the majority in this case is a thinly-veiled wedge strategy designed to surreptitiously insert unconstitutional religious instruction into the public-school curriculum - it's still the majority!

If Intelligent Design isn't valid science, why are people still arguing that it is valid science? If people are still debating, the debate isn't over, no matter how much the scientifical-arithmetical conspiracy wants to say it is.

Someone should tell the Texas "Freedom" Network that true freedom also means freedom from facts.