Friday, January 27, 2012

Geologic Freedom Under Attack!

Alternative science is always fighting an uphill battle against the juggernaut of mainstream consensusism. Homeopathic medicine is under attack by Big Pharma, creation science is under attack by Big Darwin, and the Astrologers are still in a perpetual state of Cold War with the astronomers.

Now, the shills for so-called "mainstream science" have turned their rhetorical aggression on the perfectly legitimate alternative geology of Hollow Earth theory.

This geologic theory states that our planet is not a solid ball of rock and liquid rock, but a hollow shell with an inner sun in which a race of reptilian bipeds live and also Nazis. This is perfectly legitimate science! The fact that mainstream anti-freedom science consistently denies the existence of such a realm is concrete proof of its existence.

To add insult to insult, you'll never guess what the author uses as "proof" of the solid-Earth anti-freedom consensus.

That's right - MATH!:
Using the formula T = 2π √ a3 / μ, we can derive the Earth's mass. Using orbit 3,545, for example, by plugging in the Space Station's semi-major axis of 6,763,330.03 meters and its orbital period of 5,542.24 seconds (derived by dividing the Mean Motion figure of 15.58933883 revolutions per day into 86,400, the total number of seconds in a day), we get a mass of 5.9722 × 1024 kg.
Right. As if MATH ever proved anything!

We all know that numbers are in on the conspiracy to keep the truth from us. This hit piece is more proof that the numbers are conspiring with the reptiles. And the Nazis.