About This Blog

This blog started as a D.A.R.P.A.-Net node on March 14, 1970, and has been the premier worldwide computer network hub for Math Skepticism ever since. Here's an excerpt from my first post:
For you see, I am a Math Skeptic. I refuse to accept the premise that numbers and calculations are infallible. We live in a quantum world, and this means that we are ALL quantum - our bodies, our minds, our clothes, our hair -- and even our math.

On this B.L.O.G. (pronounced "blog" -- it's a strange acronym, I know, but I think it might catch on) I will try to teach the world that Math is uncertain, and hopefully connect with other Math Skeptics out there.

Four decades later, this B.L.O.G. is still going strong, fighting the pro-arithmetic agenda. Won't you join the fight?

About the Author

Derrick V. Kornblume is a former computer programmer, radio parts salesman, husband, underground 'zine publisher, shipping clerk, and whistleblower, and has been a Math Skeptic since he learned to count. Now retired, Derrick lives in a secure and undisclosed location safely out of range of the mind-control rays.