Tuesday, December 22, 1970

Hell, Meet Handbasket!

Those of us skeptical of the so-called "Theory" of so-called "Evolution" have always been comforted by the comforting fact that - despite the legal and factual attacks from the evolutionists - the great state of Mississippi has outlawed the teaching of evolution. At least, we thought, there was one state in this nation that was bravely standing up for academic freedom against the vast scientificalist conspiracy.

Until now.

Today, I regret to inform you that the last holdout is no longer holding out. The Mississippi law that banned the teaching of evolution in schools was overturned by the activist judges of the Mississippi Supreme Court. Citing the 1968 activist Supreme Court decision Epperson v. Arkansas, the state court decided to buckle under the weight of jurisprudence and allow the evolutionists to literally invade the schools of Mississippi and infect the minds of innocent young schoolchildren with unproven theories about genetics and fossils.

This tragic turn of events can only be interpreted in one interpretation: the beginning of the end. Today, Mississippi has gone to hell in a handbasket, tomorrow the entire country shall follow.