Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Round-Earthers Are At It Again!

It seems like you can't even open a book, magazine, or an Internet these days without being exposed to more propaganda from the round-Earth illuminati. These self-proclaimed all-knowing knowledgists seem to think they have a monopoly on controversial topics like heliocentrism and the shape of the Earth.

Well I, for one, am here to inform them that they are wrong. Dead wrong. And I will fight their propaganda at every turn.

Like this innocuous-seeming little hit piece on twilight. A warning before you click that link - the propaganda is strong with this one.

The author, no doubt a card-carrying member of the Round Earth Heliocentrist Cabal (REHC) tries to explain the daily magic light show of twilight with physics, astronomy, and a heaping helping of heliocentric propaganda. All without dedicating as much as one sentence to the other side of the debate. There is not a mention of the flat-Earth explanation for twilight, nor is there even a hint about the not yet unproven Infinite Turtle Theory explaining how the Earth maintains its place at the center of the Universe.

This isn't just about one little article, mind you, but about a vast and far-reaching conspiracy to hide the turtlish truth from the masses. As we know, NASA has been Photoshopping all evidence of the world-turtles out of their space photos since the early 1960s, when they invented Photoshop. In collaboration with the Soviets, Chinese, Japanese, Europes, and other rocketeering nations, they have conspired to keep the teeming masses from learning the truth about our turtle-born disc-shaped planet.

Well, I hereby pledge that I will not be fooled by their propaganda. The turtle truth will be revealed!