Monday, December 13, 2010

What Can Base 10-X Do For YOU?

Sometimes, old isn't good. Sometimes, even the most traditional elements of society are due for a change. That's why the car replaced the horse, and democracy replaced feudalism, and why robots replaced the factory worker. One element of society that's LONG overdue for a change is our decimal number system.

Since they were first invented in modern-day Iran more than 5,000 years ago, they've stayed pretty much the same. 0... 1... 2... 3... I mean, wake me when we get to the 9, ok? Let's face it. These same old digits are just plain boring.

That's why The Math Skeptic is proud to announce Base 10-X: The Extended Integers edition. Base 10-X features some exciting new upgrades that you're going to love:

  • Extra 7, for enhanced security (denoted as 7̃).
  • Wildcard Wednesdays: from 3-7 pm, 4 can have any value you choose.
  • Every 10th 3 is the "PowerUp 3" and is valued at 6.
  • New "Ahh, Just Round It Off" decimal point option (denoted as ˳) for easy ignoring of decimals.
  • 5 has a ±2 margin of error.
  • Three 9's in a row automatically self-destruct.

Please help us spread this revolutionary new number system by lobbying textbook publishers, software programmers, and calculator manufacturers to include it in new versions of their product. Together, we can make alternative-math the new mainstream!

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