Thursday, July 21, 2011

Freedom Dealt a Texas-Sized Blow in Texas

The in-aptly named Texas Freedom Network is rejoicing over the news that the Texas education commissioner failed to include any anti-science materials on a list of science materials recommended for adoption by the Board of Education. Despite a valiant effort by New Mexico-based International Databases to have their pro-freedom/anti-evolution materials included as supplemental science materials in the Texas curriculum, the scientifico-numeric cabal amassed all their cronies and co-conspirators and waged an all-out war on the tiny publisher, handing the poor databasers a tragic defeat.

In a self-congratulatory bit of bloggery, the Texas "Freedom" Networkiacs made no effort to hide their anti-freedom agenda:
Of course, science is determined by research and evidence, not "freedom of choice." "Intelligent design"/creationism isn't supported by a shred of scientific evidence. So it's very good news that the review teams and education commissioner have rejected International Databases' materials.
Oh yeah? Well science may not be a democracy, but democracy IS a democracy! And in a democracy, the majority rules! It doesn't matter one whit that the majority in this case is a thinly-veiled wedge strategy designed to surreptitiously insert unconstitutional religious instruction into the public-school curriculum - it's still the majority!

If Intelligent Design isn't valid science, why are people still arguing that it is valid science? If people are still debating, the debate isn't over, no matter how much the scientifical-arithmetical conspiracy wants to say it is.

Someone should tell the Texas "Freedom" Network that true freedom also means freedom from facts.

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