Saturday, July 02, 2011

Science: Chemtrails Might Be Bad For the "Environment"

Sometimes, science gives us wonderful things. The computer, the atom bomb, penicillin, and ranch dressing are just a few of its many wonderful achievements. At other times, however, science sticks its nose in places where it doesn't belong, putting our planet in extreme jeopardy.

A study by some rogue Oberpfaffenhofans in the June 2001 Geophysical Research Letters is an example of the latter. This study claims that the aluminum-barium chemtrails left in the air by Air Force sprayer planes are allegedly contributing to the alleged warming of the alleged climate.

First of all, as longtime readers of this blog already know, I find the science of the climate and climate change highly dubious. The entire idea that the random and chaotic nature of weather events is somehow controlled by an invisible force known as the "climate" is simply ridiculous. The notion that this invisible hand of climate can then be modified by human activity is thus beyond all reason. And the scientific "proof" is sorely lacking. I mean, computer models? Please. Unless scientists construct an identical Control Earth WITHOUT an Industrial Revolution and observe it for 4.57 billion years, I'm just not buying it.

The part of this story being left out by the lamestream media, of course, is how vulnerable we would be to alien invasion if these scientists are taken seriously. As you know from reading this blog, those aluminum-barium chemtrails are the only thing protecting us from invasion by the dreaded Manthour of Tau Ceti, as their bioengineered spacecraft are allergic to aluminum and barium. If the chemtrails stop, we will be invaded and enslaved.

Maybe Dr. Voight et al. think the spice mines of Tau Ceti c are a nice alternative to the day-to-day boredom of Oberpfaffenhofen. I, sir, do not.

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