Saturday, July 09, 2011

We Have Angered The Ringed Planet

The Astronomers and Astrologers are equally befuddled by a massive storm that has erupted in the clouds of Saturn, the ringiest of our twelve planets. The Earth-sized storm, dubbed "Ouroboros" by Astronomer Phil Plait, has now wrapped completely around the planet, putting an angry-looking unibrow on Saturn's reflective face.

And, of course, the Astronomers think they have it all figured out, attributing the storm to "natural causes" and the "shadow of the rings" as Saturn enters its "northern spring."

Hogwash, I say!

It is simply not possible to predict the "orbits" of distant planets using the inherently inaccurate theory of arithmetics, so we cannot know what season it is on other planets. This is just another NASA coverup, assisted by their astronomer allies.

The simple truth NASA does not want to admit is this: Saturn is angry with us. We have bothered her by buzzing her rings and her moons with our Cassini space-probe - named for Astronomer Giovanni Cassini, who was felled by Astrologer assassins in 1712. Now Saturn is showing her anger at Earth with this Earth-sized storm.

It's the only logical explanation. And I warned NASA this was going to happen, too.

Did they listen? Of course not.

I can only hope that the Astrologers can calm her down before she decides to throw one of her moons at us.

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