Friday, August 05, 2011

Elenin Update: Force Shields Up, Orion's Belt Brutally Attacked!!!

The most recent series of posts on "Mad Astronomer" Leonid Elenin's manifesto/blog are nothing short of chilling. In fact, they're downright terrifying.

In Thursday's update on his orbiting space weapon, the so-called Comet C/2010 X1, Mad Astronomer Elenin brags that the force field protecting the decommissioned Soviet space weapon has been activated and now extends from the satellite in a radius of some 100,000 km - more than 62,000 miles in non-Communist measurements.

Although he rather innocuously refers to this deflector shield as the "coma" of the "ordinary comet," we in the alarmist community know better. This deflector shield is now protecting the C/2010 X1's earthquake-causing Tesla coil technology from attack by even our most powerful hydrogen bombs and/or free market ideology.

As if this weren't frightening enough, Mad Astronomer Elenin's post today should have you soiling underwear you haven't even put on yet. In this top-secret photo leaked by NASA's STEREO-B spacecraft, the "comet" can be seen brutally attacking Alnitak, the leftiest star in Orion's Belt:
As any fool can plainly see from the picture above, the O-class blue supergiant, alternately known as Zeta Orionis, is nearly destroyed by a beam of quantum flux from the orbiting space station's Tesla coil. If this weapon could cause such destruction to a supergiant like Alnitak (or An-ni6aq, if we're respecting our sun letters) just imagine what it could do to our piddling G-class yellow dwarf!

And, of course, the disinformation campaign is in full-swing, as Elenin supporters far and wide try to convince us that this star destroyer is merely an innocent comet.

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