Monday, August 01, 2011

New Bonfire Fodder: The "Evidences" for "Evolution"

I have to hand it to the National Center for Science Indoctrination. They provide me with a never-ending supply of fresh kindling, in the form of some extremely-burnable books.

Alan Rogers' The Evidence for Evolution is no exception. This bonfire-ready tome is thick with invented "evidence" for the unproven "theory" of "evolution," which will appeal to all the brainwashed evolutionists with their faith-based belief in verifiability and natural "explanations" for the unexplainable, despite the overwhelming evidence that the explainable is unexplainable.

Rogers makes his anti-miracle stance painstakingly obvious in this passage:
On the other hand, we need not appeal to miracles even if evolution does cross valleys. ... In small populations, gene frequences are buffeted by a variety of random forces, and these can push populations across valleys. We understand the mechanisms involved, and we have seen them operate in the laboratory. Evolutionists may argue about how often they happen in nature, but one thing is clear: there is no plausible basis for the argument that adaptive evolution requires miracles.
This is, of course, circular logic at its finest. "There are no miracles, thus you cannot claim miraculosity in order to expain miracles." It is also, as any fool can plainly see, a shining example of the answerist hegemony that has pervaded our higher education system.

If you have any regard for the sanctity of the human mind, you'll do the sensible thing. Buy this book and barbecue it. It's the only way to be sure.

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