Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tax-Based Victory For Alternativism in Kentucky

Great news from the Bluegrass State!

The city of Williamstown, Kentucky has agreed to a 75% tax break for an Answers in Genesis-developed Noah's Ark-themed theme park that will open in 2014. This latest tax break comes in addition to a $200,000 grant from the appropriately-named Grant County and a $43 million package of state tax incentives.

This is no less than a flawless victory for creationism. Which, by extension, is a victory for alternative approaches in other areas of math, science, literature, and whatever those other academical topics are.

And, of course, the evolutionists and separation-of-church-and-statists are up in arms, whining their usual evolutiony and separationy whines about how unfair it is for the state of Kentucky, already home to the Creation Museum, to give such lucrative tax breaks to yet another creationistical for-profit endeavor.

Which, of course, is no more than jealousy.

If the evolutionists and separationalists want equal treatment from the state, all they need to do is open their own theme park. I'm sure secular progressive tourists would flock to ride the Tiktaalik Roller Coaster or the Change-In-Allele-Frequency-Over-Time Bumper Cars or the Voyage of the Beagle Flume or the Danbury Baptist Letter Climbing Wall, if they existed.

Until the scienticians learn to compete in the free market, they'll never win in the free market of ideas.

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