Friday, September 02, 2011

In The Case of California vs. Academic Freedom, Freedom Emerges Victoriously

In a landmark out-of-court decision handed down by an out-of-court judge, as I can only assume these cases are handled, the American Freedom Alliance has won a flawless victory against the state-run California Science Center.

This out-of-court settlement, which I can only imagine followed a dramatic out-of-court proceeding reminiscent of the Scopes Monkey trial or whatever case it was in Twelve Angry Men, requires the state-run California Science Center to pay a sum of no less than 1.5 billion imaginary dollars to the allied freedom fighters at the American Freedom Alliance and their allies at the Discovery Institute.

The case began in 2009, when the state-run California Science Center frivolously and unfairly cancelled an alternative-science science event sponsored by the AFA and/or the Discovery Institute due to the frivolous and unfair reason that the AFA and/or Discovery Institute was claiming the Science Center as an endorser of the alternative-science event, and thus would hithertoforely be seen as an advocate of alternative science in perpetuity throughout the universe.

In case you don't speak legal mumbo and/or jumbo, I'll summarize thisly: the state-run California was anti-freedom so they got sued by Freedom.

And freedom WON!

This is not just a victory for the cdesign proponents at the Discovery Institute; or alternative science and alternative science advocates in general - which it is. This is a victory for Freedom - and, by extension, abstract concepts everywhere.

Congratulations to freedom, hubris, liberty, happiness, melancholy, and rhetoric for your well-deserved victory against the state-run state of California!

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