Sunday, November 25, 2012

Baraminology Under Attack - Again!

To say that science and the Great Flood Theory have had a rocky relationship would be an understatement. It would be somewhat more accurate to say that science has been actively trying to suppress, oppress, and thoroughly delegitimize the legitimate study of how all plant and animal life survived a worldwide flood by getting on board a giant boat for a month and a half. The most accurate statement one could make is that the upstart science of science has tried desperately to ensmallen the study of flood-ology so small that they can drown it in an ark-sized bathtub.

Of course, the floodologists are at a disadvantage to begin with. The evidence decks are nondoubtedly stacked against them, what with all of the evidence from geology, biology, zoology, ornithology, botanology, and paleontology failing to provide a shred of evidence for the Great Flood.

There is one field that does provide evidence for the Flood, however - the time-honored study of baraminology. This classificational science classifies animals and/or plants into a taxonomy of kinds, a taxonomical structure that is far superior to traditional Linnaean taxonomy and genetical-based cladistical taxonomy because it provides evidence for the Flood story that we already know to be true.

 Naturally, the so-called legitimate classificationalists are using everything under the 6,000-year-old Sun to squelch the study of kinds. The scientifico-mathematical cabal has conspired to keep this kind of Kind science out of the textbooks and journals, refusing to give it a well-deserved handicap that would put it on par with the biologically-based taxonomies.

The latest weapon in the hands of the scienticians?


Noted science-pusher PZ Myers belittles a perfectly legitimate report by Answers in Genesis that painstakingly classifies all the mammals on the Ark into 137 biblically-correct Kinds on the basis that one of her happens to be a stuffed koala.


Dr. Myers typically refuses to consider the possibility that plushies were and still are an extant species. Evidence of fossilized stuffed animals has been found all through the archaeological and fossilogical record, with many living in the wild today. The fact that we rarely see them in their natural habitat and only see them dead on toy store shelves is simply evidence that science is conspiring to hide all evidence of the plushie clade. 

Shame on you, Dr. Myers, for your cynical dismissal of the mountains of evidence for ancient plushies!

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