Friday, April 17, 1970

Congratulations to Apollo 13 on a Successful Moon Landing!

Around the world today, the world is celebrating the return of the Apollo 13 astronauts safely to Earth after a harrowing mission to the Moon and back on a crippled spacecraft.


The Math Skeptic congratulates the crew of Apollo 13 for a successful landing on the Moon, as I don't for a minute buy this pie-eyed tie-dyed cockamamie story about the greatest spaceship ever built having an onboard explosion and whatnot. This is nothing but a cover story cooked up by NASA to hide the Apollo mission's true mission: interplanetary defense

I have it on pretty good authority that the true purpose of the mission was to seek and destroy an alien moon base that had been left there by colonists from Tau Ceti an untold number of years ago. Mankind has been at war with the Manthour of Tau Ceti for many centuries, even though few of us know it. The secret landing by Lowell and Haise was to confirm the total destruction of the alien base by impact of the Saturn rocket's S-IVB upper stage, and to inspect the site for and alien technology that might still be monitoring us from 239,000 miles away.

It's the only logical explanation. And I'm sticking with it.

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