Sunday, August 11, 1974

Is Our New President Human?

The recent news out of Washington has the entire country mixed-up, turned-out, and up-side-down. It has been a wild ride of a year, with the Watergate break-in and the cover-up and the resignation of a Vice-President and now the resignation of our great President. It's a whole lotta upheaval, as the kids would say.

If I were commanding an invading army of space aliens - from Tau Ceti, for example - now would be a perfect time to invade. Which I'm not. But, hypothetically, if I were, I'd pick a time of great social upheaval - like this one right now - to invade.

So after my third shot of schnapps tonight I started thinking - what if the Tau Cetans (the Manthour, for those of you in the know) were invading right now? Even more frightening - what if they were exploiting this time of great socio-political upheaval to install a humanoid cyber-drone as the most powerful man in the world?

It could happen.

Come to think of it, "President Ford" looks a little dronish, doesn't he? Those wide-set eyes, the protruding forehead... I can't rightly say I'm 100 per cent sure the man is human. Thus I issue the following Open Letter:
Dear President Ford (if that is your real name),
I, The Math Skeptic and proud citizen of these United States, hereby issue you this challenge, here on my B.L.O.G., for all the dozens of other D.A.R.P.A. noders to see:

I demand to see your Certification of Live Birth. We, the people, need to know if you were indeed born of woman rather than hatched of cybernetic flesh-pod.

Seeing as how you are now the Leader of the Free World, I do not think this is too much to request. Nor is it frivolous. The security of our planet is at stake.

Cordially yours,
The Math Skeptic

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