Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Global Warming Mathemagic from NOAA

Well, the folks at NOAA (which is apparently short for Not Opposed to Arithmetical Ambiguity) have released yet another load of so-called "statistics" on the so-called "temperature anomaly" for the month of March, 2009. And, as predicted, the document presents numerous unfounded accusations about the state of the world's temperature. The global average land and sea temperature, according to NOAA, was 55.84 degrees Fahrenheit, a so-called anomaly of .94 degrees above the 20th century mean of 54.9 degrees.

Oh, really? According to whose math? NOAA's? Are we to just take their conclusions at face value, knowing full well that NOAA and NASA and the IRS and all those other government agencies are part of The Global Numerological Conspiracy?

I challenge NOAA to prove it. PROVE to us, the American taxpayers, that 55.84 is a HIGHER number than 54.9. PROVE it, NOAA! Show your work! Or do high-level governmentocospirator mathemagicians somehow get a pass when it comes to PROOF?

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