Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bloomberg Catapults the Mathemagic Propaganda - AGAIN!

Once again, the "journalists" at Bloomberg - one of the largest co-conspirators in the Great Global Arithmetic Swindle - have done their duty to the addition overlords and reprinted a bunch of baseless allegations about our nation's jobless claims. Just look at the unproven unsubstantiations made in the second paragraph:
Initial jobless claims rose by 32,000 to 637,000 in the week ended May 9, from a revised 605,000 the prior week, the Labor Department said today in Washington.

What kind of fools do they take us for? Do they really expect us to believe that 637,000 is HIGHER than 605,000? What a joke. They probably justify this unproven claim by the further unfounded claim that 637,000 - 32,000 = 605,000. They, like all the other math propagandists out there, would like you to believe that "the debate is over" regarding the relative relationship between these three "numbers."

Well, here's a "news flash" for you, Bloomberg. It's not over. Because I'm debating it. If I'm debating it, how can it be over?

We Math Skeptics demand that Bloomberg issue an immediate correction to this story, and that they begin to represent alternative mathematical viewpoints in their articles.

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