Friday, June 03, 2011

Darwin's Lost World: Best Left Un-Found!

I find myself once again in the uncomfortable position of thanking the National Center for Science Indoctrination for pointing out to me yet another book to NOT read.

Martin Brasier's evolutionist propaganda tome, Darwin's Lost World, explores the "mysterious" Cambrian era, 550 "million" years ago, in which the earliest proto-animals - according to evolutionist biological theory as I understand it - underwent simultaneous spontaneous combustion, after which all their limbs and organs regenerated and reassembled into the precursor kinds of the animals we all know today.

Hogwash, I know, but that's evolutionaical theoreticality for you!

The book is titled Darwin's Lost World because in 1859 the wayward "naturalist" was allegedly "puzzled" by the lack of fossils found in rocks older than the Cambrian era. Of course, this theory-killing mystery didn't stop him from publishing On The Origin of Species by Means of Whatever and Yadda Yadda, which is an obvious sign of the unproven theory's flawditude.

The most infuriating feature of Brasier's book is his recklessness with the fabric of spacetime, which he makes abundantly clear in his first chapter:
Good science is, after all, not just about facts. It should be a form of play. If a thing is not playful, it is probably not good science.
Here, then, is your passport to becoming a Time Traveller, and to making your own exciting discoveries about the world in which we really live.
I'd like to know under what authority Mr. Brasier thinks he can issue chronological transit visas! And inviting his readers to literally travel to the distant past and "be playful" is simply playing with fire. What if they accidentally step on a Precambrian butterfly and irrevocably alter the present?

Very irresponsible, Mr. Brasier. I would think an evolutionist would have more respect for the past.

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