Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Numbers Claim Responsibility for Brutal Attacks on UK Students

...At least, that's what headlines would read if the lame-stream media wasn't completely in the pocket of Big Arithmetic.

Instead, what we see are reports like this one, about an epidemic of errors in the British GCSE, A-level, and AS-level exams. And, of course, the BBC attributes this outbreak of erratum to "human error."

It's shameful that these reporters can't - or won't - dig a bit deeper and uncover the truth of these stories. That this is more evidence of the vendetta against humans by rogue numbers.

Moreover, it is an assault on academic freedom. The entire concept of "right" and "wrong" answers is nothing more than a socio-mathematical construct invented by the Global Academical Hegemonic Conspiracy to force creative thinkers into a rigid "smart box."

And how are students who think "outside the box" punished when they provide alternate answers to factual questions? By receiving a poor numeric grade on their exam.

The conspiracy is obvious to anyone willing to see it.

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