Monday, June 27, 2011

What Really Happened Today

The Math Skeptic has been receiving some harsh criticism today, including claims that we "inflated" the "false threat" of "total global annihilation" resulting from our prediction that the rogue Texan-sized planet-killer asteroid MD 2011 was going to impact our planet and cause an ELE (Eli-Level Event). Some have even been so bold as to claim that we made the whole thing up just to boost our readership and t-shirt sales.

These claims are false.

Completely and utterly false.

This is because our predictions were, in fact, correct. Completely and utterly correct. The impact of asteroid MD 2011 happened, just as we predicted, at 1:01 pm EST, unleashing a global wave of destruction that wiped out all life on the planet Earth, save for a few small pockets of survivors forced to live out their remaining days fighting off motorcycle gangs and cannibals in a post-civilization dystopia.

The impact simply happened in the spiritual realm, not the physical one.

Sure, the post 6/27 world might look the same to you. Life may seem to be perfectly normal, but it is in fact not, for spiritually we ARE survivors in that global dystopia and/or dead and/or cannibal motorcycle gang members. We know this because the Bible says [placeholder - don't forget to Google applicable verse before posting!]. Our bodies and minds may be intact, but The End has already happened.

Do not fear - The Math Skeptic will continue to update, even in this post-spiritual-apocalyptic nightmare world, for the fight against numbers lives on.

Also, I'm trying to recruit members for my spiritual cannibal motorcycle gang. Please post in the comments if you'd like to join.

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