Monday, July 18, 2011


This time, science has completely flipped its lid.

They want to make gelatin out of people.

I am not making this up, folks.

They literally want to kill old people, boil off their skin and bones, and then turn the remains into green gelatin-type dessert products.

This isn't some Charlton Heston movie, either. This is the real deal.

Okay, sort of.

I mean, technically it isn't actually made from people, but rather a human collagen protein synthesized using genetically-modified yeast. And it would have some practical real-world applications, such as pill coatings for people who are allergic to pig-based gelatin coatings, or who must avoid pig product for religious or dietary reasons.

But it's still the same jiggly, slippery slope to the post-apocalyptic nightmare world of Agenda 21, complete with cannibal motorcycle gangs and sentient robot/yeast hybrid overlords.

Because, you see, people are crazy when it comes to food. We humans will eat anything. I mean, anything. Human beings will take the most horribly disgusting things imaginable and turn them into delicacies.

Which is why we must oppose this attempt by the scientific community to shove their man-jelly down our throats. Because once people get a taste for people - even synthetic people - there's no telling who we'll put on the menu.

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