Sunday, July 17, 2011

One More For The Burn-Pile!

Sometimes, I have to hand it to the National Center for Science Indoctrination. They are always helpful at pointing out what not to read, and their most recent book preview is no exception.

Merchants of Doubt is the latest load of liberal-leaning, number-sympathizing, pro-science clap-trap to be pressed onto paper in order to serve the climate change alarmosphere. Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. M. Conway's ridiculously unsupported conspiracy theory, which they support with numerous published articles and journal citations, is that a handful of industry-supported scientists exploited the American propensity for journalistic fairness in order to inject unreasonable doubt into the overwhelming scientific consensus that human activity is largely causing a worldwide average temperature anomaly leading to an overall change in the Earth's climate.

What a ridiculous notion!

Authors Oreskes and Conway make their anti-freedom stance abundantly clear in the following excerpt from NCSE's excerpt:
In an active scientific debate, there can be many sides. But once a scientific issue is closed, there's only one "side." Imagine providing "balance" to the issue of whether the Earth orbits the Sun, whether continents move, or whether DNA carries genetic information. These matters were long ago settled in scientists' minds. Nobody can publish an article in a scientific journal claiming the Sun orbits the Earth, and for the same reason, you can't publish an article in a peer-reviewed journal claiming there's no global warming.
First of all, the question of whether the Earth orbits the Sun is FAR from closed. There are still a small fringe of astrologer-backed Catholics who believe the heliocentric model to be false, thus it is not settled science. If it were truly settled, why are people still debating it? Riddle me THAT, authors!

Secondly, I just don't trust anyone who spells Eric with a K. The name "Erik" is code for "Viking umlaut merchant trying to infiltrate American values with socialism and Europeanness." Don't be fooled!

So that's why I'm urging you to buy this book - and burn it! Better yet, buy two copies to burn. It's the only thing that will prevent the umlaut invasion.

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