Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Just when you thought you'd heard enough about the 12th Century Italian patent clerk-turned-founder of modern mathematics Leonardo Fibonacci and his magical integers, along comes a new propaganda video to catapult the scientifico-numerist agenda into your living room, using the trebuchet of Internet video.

Nature by Numbers is a visually-beautiful offering to our numeral overlords, attempting to appease them by displaying the intrinsic geometries and sequences in nautilus shells and dragonfly wings and sunflower seeds. As if this Ode to Integerism will somehow appease them.

And we all know how well appeasement works out.

So go ahead! Watch this piece of blatant numerist indoctrination if you want. All the other "skeptics" are doing it. But don't come crying to me when the magical Fibonacci numbers turn on you anyway, attacking you and leaving you for dead just to entertain their cold digital hearts.

Just like Hitler.

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  1. lol That's awesome. I will submit one thing of interest to the Fibonacci spiral. Supposedly it exists all in nature, but I like you am extremely skeptical. More likely people just pick random points that fit and slap a spiral on it. But sometimes it just pops up in random places and I have to wonder.


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