Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Evolutiono-Climatical Conspiracy Revealed

Ever notice how the evolutionalist movement and the environmentalismist movement seem to be so inextricably intertwined? Without fail, you find the same science pushers pushing climate science and evolution.

Until now, there wasn't enough evidence to link these two subversive forces together. Until now.

Thanks to my perennial frenemies at the National Center for Science Indoctrination, I now have concrete proof of the evolutionist-climate changialism conspiracy! For they have published an excerpt from Geerat Vermeij's The Evolutionary World, a shocking tome that lays out this vast scientifico-mathematical collusiveness in shocking detail. Just read this shocking excerpt from this shocking book:
Humanity should do what it can to limit the rate at which the world is heating up, but above all we must adapt to a warming world. If we want to maintain some semblance of wild nature in the fact of warming and habitation fragmentation, we must preserve — or, better yet, enhance — opportunities for species to adapt.

We must give them wiggle room, not box them in. We must allow evolution and adaptation to do their work.

Indeed, Dr. Vermeij. Their evil work. For this so-called "adaptation" is nothing but a product of numbers in deoxyribonucleic form. Mutations are nothing but the result of numbers attacking our very DNA. Our. Very. DNA. And the climate changialites are merely propagandizing this numerist assault at our cellular level.

Thank you, Dr. Vermeij, for finally exposing this shocking collusion to the public scrutiny, where we can publically scrutinize it for all the world to see.

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