Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mind Control Device Of The Future - Available TODAY!

Usually, the scientifico-governmental conspiracy works in shady, mysterious ways, transacting their devious schemes far from the eyes of the public. Other times, they make their tactics terrifyingly obvious.

The new mind-control tattoo invented by University of Iowa madman John Rogers is a good example of one of those "other times."

The hair-thin sensor is flexible enough to be worn on human skin, and can monitor the wearer's vital signs and muscle movements, which could certainly have some useful medical applications.

However, the potential for abuse is frightening. Just imagine what these temporary espionage tattoos could be used for if they fall into the wrong hands! They could be used as homing beacons, tracking our every move. They'll know what bores and excites us by measuring our heart rate. They might even be able to read our minds.

And as anyone who's ever seen a movie knows, all you have to do to convert a sensor into a controller is reverse the polarity. These heart and muscle and mind-monitoring devices will become heart and muscle and mind-controlling devices.

In other words, they are tattoos of doom As usual, the scienticians are
playing with fire, inventing the very tools the government and/or aliens and/or singularity will use to enslave and/or eradicate us all.

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