Sunday, September 25, 2011

Space Weather Forecast: Bring A Space Umbrella (To Space)

Space meteorologists have issued a new space-weather forecast for the not-so distant space-future, and the outlook is full of storms. Space storms.

According to a study published in last month's Geophysical Research Letters decrease in solar activity over the next few decades will deplete our solar system's precious heliosphere, leaving us less protected against dangerous galactic cosmic rays. Worse, the less-frequent solar storms, known in science lingo as SEPs, will be more intense. Combined, these effects will increase the amount of radiation exposure faced by air-traveling air travelers and space-traveling space travelers.

Scientists are baffled by the sun's change in activity. The reason should be obvious, however, to anyone who has studied astrology. The simple fact is that we have angered the sun, what with our SOHOs and our STEREOs and our other observy-probes. And as a consequence, our nearest star is angry with us.

Now it is up to the astrologers to save us. I just hope they can pacify the sun in time, before it is too late.

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