Friday, September 09, 2011

This is Probably Blasphemy Or Something!

I like to peruse the Science Blogs occasionally so that I can see the latest news in how the scienticians plan to destroy the world; usually by creating hyperviruses or black holes or hadrons or something.

What I saw today was either patently offensive or just plain crazy. I don't know which. But Chad Orzel's Reading in the Church of the Larger Hilbert Space is without a doubt the most dangerous conflation of theology and numbers since numerology!

Here's a quote from this blasphemious tome:
13 Well, Noah replied, if the ark is to be 300 by 50 by 30 qubits, then the maximum number to be stored within it must be no greater than 2450000.

14 While verily that is a large number, still it is finite. And thus it is not possible for the ark to contain all of the numbers.

15 That is even before we implement error correction, further reducing the number of available qubits.

16 And the LORD replied, I say unto thee, 2450000 is greater than 10135463, which is greater than the grains of sand in the desert, or stars in the sky.
I don't know what most of that means. All I know is that it puts God and numbers together in dangerous ways. And that's what I call blasphemy!

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