Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Twin NASA Spacecraft Crash Into The Moon!

In a shocking preapocalyptic development, NASA has announced that two of its lunar-orbiting spacecraft have crashed into the Moon!

And! According to the scienticians and engineerlings at NASA, the crash of the GRAIL probes - nicknamed Arthur and Patsy - was deliberate.

To which I say BALDERWASH!

You may or may not be a movie "buff" and therefore may or may not get this "reference" but if you recall the 1985 movie Pee-Wee Herman Has A Big Adventure, there is a scene in which the title character falls off his bike or crashes into a biker bar or knocks over a wooden dinosaur or something, then gets up and dusts himself off and says "I meant to do that."

Well I assert that NASA just did the same thing!

Why would NASA deliberately crash some perfectly good space-ships into The Moon when they could easily leave them in orbit indefinitely as a lasting symbol of our space-faring prowess?

The answer: the Moon has MOVED!

It's the only logical explanation!

The Moon, likely succumbing to peer pressure from Mars and Jupiter, has shifted its own "orbit" around the Earth, confusing the GRAIL ships and causing them to smack into a MOON MOUNTAIN! NASA, not wanting to admit that they have lost track of the Moon's meanderings, concocted this "deliberate" "crash" story as a "red" "herring"!

NASA has been caught red-handed this time in a lie of deceit. And unlike Pee-Wee Herman, they won't be able to dance their way out of it!

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