Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Math Indoctrination Camps To Indoctrinate Surviving Girls!

Despite their victory over the human race with the successful December 21 apocalypse that left all of human society in shatters, the numbers are not content. They are still working to destroy humanity's remaining remnants.

In their latest attack on humanity, the numbers are not only targeting innocent children, but innocent children of the weaker sex! Under the benign-sounding pretense of "free math and science camps for girls," the devious digits and their educational enablers are planning to expose innocent young ladies to their lewd and indecent arithmetical indecencies!

This is beyond outrageous, though we should of course be outraged. It is also quite un-sportsmanlike (un-sportsmathlike?).

We humans have been literally decimated by post-apocalyptic chaos, lawlessness, famine, and bad luck over the past six months since the End of the World, and the numbers are still attacking pockets of survivors such as this one in Ottumwa, Iowa.

I was brought up believing that we should treat girls gently, and have always lived by this credo. The numbers, however, know no such chivalrousness and are literally kicking girls when they are down and at their weakest. And yet you don't hear the liberal elites getting all up in panties about THIS "violence against women." I wonder why!

Well, probably because most of the liberal elite class is dead from apocalypse. But my point remains!

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