Thursday, July 07, 2011

Academic Freedom Under Attack In The White Mountain State

As priorly reported by The Math Skeptic, state legislators in New Hampshire are bravely fighting the governmentical-mathematical-scientifical hegemony in the state's public schools. Two new proposed bills in the state legislature would open the doors of academic freedom by removing the cruel shackles of the evolution-only scientific indoctrination curriculum from the embattered teachers of the Granite State.

Should these measures pass, teachers in the Switzerland of America would finally be able to teach that evolution is only a theory, and that intelligent design is a perfectly valid scientific explanation for the irreducible complexity of modern life.

However, a new anti-freedom screed by Nashua Telegraph columnist and self-described "Granite Geek" David Brooks brutally attacks these new proposed laws. Worse, Brooks makes no attempt to hide his pro-science, anti-freedom bias:
Two lawmakers are trying to pry open New Hampshire science classrooms to allow, or even require, the teaching of creationism.

In case you're wondering (since this column is called Granite Geek, you shouldn't), I think it's a terrible idea.
And, of course, the National Center for Science Indoctrination is in full support of the Granite Geek's freedom-hating.

Stay strong, Mother of Rivers state! Don't let the Big Science conspiracy defeat FREEDOM!

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