Saturday, December 01, 2012

Undisputable Proof of the Climatist-Numerist Conspiracy

A shocking exposé of climate science by James Lawrence Powell, executive director of the National Physical Science Consortium, has uncovered what I have been saying about Global Warming since the 1970s. It is nothing less than a gigantic conspiracy coordinated by thousands of scientists over more than 40 years.

Powell, author of The Inquisition of Climate Science, studied nearly fourteen thousand journal articles published between 1991 and 2012 about "global warming" or "climate change." Of these, a grand total of 24 rejected the theory of global warming.

The author justfied his findings thusly:

Anyone can repeat this search and post their findings. Another reviewer would likely have slightly different standards than mine and get a different number of rejecting articles. But no one will be able to reach a different conclusion, for only one conclusion is possible: Within science, global warming denial has virtually no influence. Its influence is instead on a misguided media, politicians all-too-willing to deny science for their own gain, and a gullible public.
Of course, we skeptics know that this is merely a cover story for a far more nefarious collusion between the climate scientists and their number-controlled masters to enslave humanity via arithmetic. The fact that so few scientists are publishing anti-climate articles proves this. After all - as we all know - absence of evidence is evidence of a conspiracy.

Not that it matters, of course, as there are less than four weeks left before the world ends. But I salute Mr. Powell for his courageous undercover reporting, exposing this conspiracy in the little time we have left.

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