Friday, August 19, 2011

Rick Perry's Courageous Stand for Alternativity

While the secular evolutionists in Texas are probably still celebrating with Shiner Bock and tofu barbecue over their recent textbookical victory over the science curriculum, Governor, Presidential candidate, and possible pod-person Rick Perry has taken a courageous stand for alternative thinking in his state's science classrooms.

"In Texas," said the Governor, "we teach both creationism and evolution."

It's true! See for yourself on this minaturized talking-box:
As you might expect, the liberal-evolutionist conspirators are literally tripping over their fair-trade pocket-protectors rushing to discredit the future President/Manthourian pod-clone, claiming that his stance is somehow "unconstitutionalThe United States Constitution" just because it "violates" the so-called "First Amendment.

Of course, we alternativists know that creationism and Intelligent Design do nothing of the sort. They merely provide a thoroughly unsupported alternative theory as an alternative to the scientific hegemony/fact-based conspiracy that is the Theory of Evolution.

Stay strong, Governor Perry - don't let them make you backtrack from your ideals.

P.S. While I've got you on the line, would you mind showing us all your birth certificate? We just need to make sure you're human and not a pod-clone from Tau Ceti. No rush - we've got plenty of time until the nomination.

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